Sending an e-mail to us does not make us your lawyers.  A professional relationship will only be established once MacDonald & Partners LLP agrees to be retained to provide services to you and you have executed a retainer agreement with MacDonald & Partners LLP.  Unless you are a current client of MacDonald & Partners LLP and in order to protect your own interests, it is imperative that you NOT send confidential information to MacDonald & Partners LLP until you have had a direct discussion with a professional at the firm regarding the retention of MacDonald & Partners LLP to provide legal services because no information you send us can be held in confidence, and no information we provide to you can be treated by you as legal advice, unless and until we have agree to act for you.

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You and your family have a lot at stake.
You know that separation, divorce and other critical family negotiations, require expert legal guidance to make significant decisions.
You expect a legal counsel team who is resourced and dedicated to the highest level of expertise in Canadian Family Law.
You value sophisticated negotiation experience in all forms of Family Law dispute resolution to bring about successful resolution: mediation, arbitration, collaborative law, trial and appeal.


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MacDonald & Partners LLP,
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